What We Do

Nuzusys specialises in levering technology for development and sustainability. We can work directly with clients, work in collaboration with local organisations such as ICT suppliers and Virtual Network Operators (VNO) and can provide consultancy to Government and other organisations.

Our Roots

Why call it Nuzusys? Several years ago the founder of Nuzusys left Canada to work as a volunteer in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific where they have very talented indigenous wood carvers. The first carving he bought was a funny looking eagle-like creature holding a skeleton head. Locals call the creature a Nguzu-nguzu (pronouced nuzu-nuzu) and say its purpose was to bring supernatural protection. Historically, they used to place it in front of their canoes when going on dangerous expeditions. Since Nuzusys was founded to empower people in the digital world he thought the name would make for a good story.

Our Network

The strength of Nuzusys is our growing network. We partner with local ICT service providers in various countries and also provide highly specialised services directly to your door through partnership with international and local experts. Our business model is focused on localisation more then globalisation. Some advantages of our business model:

  • more specialised skills delivered directly to you;
  • profit shared more fairly with local partners;
  • bringing you products and services in your own local cultural context;
  • contributing to your local economy and not simply outsourcing work globally; and,
  • building local capacity and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Whether you are a client wanting to deal directly with us, an unemployed new graduate with a technical background, an established local ICT service provider in your country and would like to learn more about partnering with us you should contact us.

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