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We focus on crafting solutions for our core supported industries (i.e. Education, Health, Agriculture and Energy) The types of services we offer are the following.


Managed Services

For those that would like their technology to be partly or fully looked after for them. We have "Cloud Hosting" and "On-Premise" services to cover a wide range of needs including hosting of websites, databases and various other tools and applications.

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Software Development

We offer custom software development for clients that require custom system or custom extensions to existing system (e.g. custom module for a generic information system). We follow sound engineering methodologies to develop robust and secure systems.

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We offer professional expert advise to Governments and Non-Government organisations in the use of technology for development and sustainability. Whether you are looking for help to get started on a new initiative or improve a existing one, we can help.

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System Engineering and Integration

Growing infrastructures often have several systems each responsible for some aspects of an organisations. We are specialists in integrating and unifying disparate tools, applications and data sources into more useful value added infrastructure as a whole.

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UX/UI/Graphics Design

It's not just about making things prettier. We can help improve user experience through application of a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.

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Technical Support

Whether you need someone to fix network problems, complex system errors or improve security we can help. We can work with a large variety of technologies including computers, servers, network devices, mobile devices, VoIP systems, solar and other electrical equipments.

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Types of training available include small organisation groups "co-pilot" style, formal course-based online training and in-person workshops. We make use of the best learning technologies including asynchronous (i.e. course management systems) and synchronous (i.e. collaborative platform.)

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