Cloud Hosting Managed Services

Cloud Hosting Pricing Table

Our cloud offerings are the most convenient and maintenance free service delivery options. You simply choose the right package for you and we take care of everything else. We can host and manage your website, web applications or any system of your choice. In addition to the applications and technologies we directly support we also support most open source applications on the market. Higher end packages are required for systems we do not support. Note that direct online subscription is not yet available as most our clients can not pay online. They are here for informational purposes and subscriptions are managed directly in person or via email.

Note that the below are starting prices for a single small database system and may not apply to comprehensive solution packages that often comprises several systems.

Basic Only the necessary
$50/ month
Advance Integrated support
$100/ month
Premium Same day support
$150/ month
Elite Integrated on-going training
$200/ month
(Virtual/Physical) Private Server
Linux operating system
Nighly backups
Platform updates
Advanced web analytics
Supported applications updates
Non-supported applications updates
SSL Encryption
Expert support helpdesk
Expert live support
Technical training

Your website/applications run in your own private operating environment securing it from the vulnerabilities of others with unmaintained systems. The VPS has dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2450L0 @ 1.80GHz with total 16 cores and 512MB which is shared with other VPS on the same physical server. These hardware specifications are entirely sufficient for most needs but it can scaled if needed.

The system runs on a slim down version of Debian Linux making it cost effective, very light on resources and very secure. Other hosting platform/operating systems can be used but additional cost may incur.

Our backup is a combination of a snapshot of the whole system for quick recovery and rotating data backup providing the ability to go back in previous point in time. This is a feature not often found in similar priced hosting packages and is important in cases of corruption of data or attack on your system. If you only notice a problem after the nightly backups then you need to be able to pull back a healthy state further back in time (not just a copy of yesterday which may also be damaged). Backups are made available to client on demand to store local copies.

Unmaintained system will sooner or later be compromised costing you anywhere from service interruption to major loss of personal data potentially leading to stolen identity and financial losses. The first line of defence is having experts look after all aspects of security/non-security updates of your private cloud platform.

Comprehensive analytics helping you monitor how your website or application is performing or being used. Our analytics platform is based Piwik on the leading open source system of its kind

Supported applications are all the technologies supported by Nuzusys, see full list here. The proper maintenance of the applicatoins running on the platform is another critical layer in securing your system against malicious attackers.

Non-supported applications are ones Nuzusys do not officially support. See supported list here.

Encryption is become increasingly important to protect yourself from malicious security crackers violating your privacy and the privacy of your users/audience.

No need to go through never ending low level technical support of large corporations when in need of help but directly get help from friendly technology experts with zero hassle. Support typically includes things like:
  • Functionality enquiries on the managed system (e.g. user forgets how to change a menu on the website, user does not know how to publish content on the front page, user forgets how to use a particular database feature)
  • Quick consultancy or advice on managed system extensions or integration with other systems (e.g. manager would like to know how to include statistics from an external database into the website for public information dissemination)
  • Issues encountered by users (e.g. user notices an error message when performing a specific action)
Issues are resolved on a best effort basis and demands on the number of clients requested access to the experts at any given time.

Get the expert directly on the phone and/or video within the same day, period. No waiting, no going through low level technical support.

Formal training with in-house ICT staff on the hosted system. This could mean learning how to program web applications, how to better manage them in production and more. Refer to our Training Services for more details.