Types of Technical Support Offerings


Inevitably you will encounter issues with technology, even more so without proper preventative maintenance plans in place. Here is a simple list of things we may be able to help you with.

  • Network issues such as slow Internet and degrading quality of online services
  • Rescue from victims of ransonware and other such malicious attacks
  • Disaster data recovery in case of hard drive failures
  • Identifying bottle neck and other source of problems
  • And much more
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Your best bet to reduce issues you will face with technology is by having a proper preventative maintenance plan in place. All our managed services offer a wide range of support to help maintain your technology and services in good health. Here's some examples of things we can offer:

  • Maintain healthy services (e.g. website, databases and various applications)
  • Monitor service availability (e.g. you systems should always be working as expected)
  • Monitor network traffic (e.g. chart top users, time spent by website usage, usage trends)
  • Monitor Internet quality providing data to discuss issues with your Internet Service Provider
  • Effectively manage updates securing your infrastructure
  • Actively secure your infrastructure using Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems
  • Rotating backups with ability to go back at various points (e.g. last 3 days, last 3 weeks)
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For those that want to further improve their technology infrastructure we offer higher level technical support services:

  • Conduct yearly security audits
  • Develop standard, policies and procedures guides
  • Information and Communication Technology Strategy and Action Plans
  • Help in open standard technology adoption
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