Types of Training Offerings


We offer increasingly well designed and conducted workshops for any of our supported solutions.

  • Crafted for maximum learning outputs
  • Instructors are experts with local expertise and experience
  • Learning material perpetually available online to participants
  • Optionally organise the full event (i.e. participants flight and accomodation, catering, etc.)
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We maintain and constantly improve a relevant list of training courses for organisations with Cloud Hosting—Elite Plan or On-Premise—Elite Plan subcriptions.

  • Asynchronous learning with trainees accessing courses at anytime from anywhere
  • Leverage world class freely available learning material
  • Supervised and supported by an practical expert instructor
  • Trainees can follow their own progress through our course management systems
Access Courses Online

For those with enough Internet bandwidth we have a collaborative platform where the instructor and trainees of organisations with Cloud Hosting—Elite Plan or On-Premise—Elite Plan subscriptions can have regular live remote training sessions.

  • Synchronous Learning via collaborative platorm
  • Co-pilot style training of all managed services activities
  • Voice and Video of all participants of session
  • White board for instructor teaching
  • Public/Private chat rooms
  • Share desktop of instructor for a more visual learning experience
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