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Home Office

  • 12:23 p.m.

While important services of Nuzusys run in various high end data centres it's still pretty cool to setup a neat home office in our house in the Philippines.

Project Details

Name of assignment or project: NuzuSys Home Office Network
Year: 2017
Location: Philippines
Client: NuzuSys
Main project features: To build a proper home office network in the in the image of a miniature datacenter, enable home-base work for consultant and also a development lab where existing and new products are developed and test
Positions held: Systems Integrator, Network Administrator,
Activities performed: manage procurement of hardware including NuzuSys customized rack, servers, switches, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit with batteries and battery cabinet, design network and virtual local area network (LAN), configured firewall for office security and also external public access to various non -critical services, do all the network cabling using CAT6 Gigabit speeds, setup high-end wireless network for wireless devices, assemble rack and all equipment into a small but high end network with high service level availability of 99.99% uptime

To start the year I've decided to give my small home office a refreshing look. This should make work a lot more pleasant. Alright, so start by putting the rack cabinet together and installing the S1700 Huawei Switch and Nuzusys rack gateway and server.

Putting these network cable together was easy with good quality RJ45 connectors

Thoroughly test each cable to make sure the quality of the signals are top notch. Always good to work with the proper tools. Because there is little more annoying to the network administrator then troubleshooting problems due to physical issues on the network.

Wire the whole house with the home office because wireless is convenient but sucks (pardon the language!). This means Gigabit ethernet to the wireless Access Point (for phones, visitors, etc.), to the various entertainment systems, the alarm systems, the hardware development lab and of course my workstation.

When everything is wired and tested turn all the systems on. The Nuzusys Gateway and Server runs a Proxmox virtualization platform, pfSense firewall and various non-critical servers. The switch is divided in multiple VLANs routed through the pfSense virtual machine firewall.

Et Voilà! Ready to continue sailing through the new year.